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Established in 2020G.C., Jenboro has expanded its portfolio to encompass six construction sites. Our apartments are strategically located just 4 kilometers from the bustling downtown area, offering competitive pricing without compromising on proximity. Our commitment is to provide residences where residents do not need to compromise proximity for affordability. We deliver on our promises with tangible results - with 70% of construction completed at the time of purchase, ensuring that homeowners invest in more than just bricks and mortar, but in a true reflection of their lifestyle and aspirations.


Our vision is to tackle urban housing challenges by offering convenient residences for prospective homeowners through a framework built on trust and transparency.


Our mission is to transform the urban landscape by providing easy and affordable homes strategically located in key areas. We aspire to usher in a modernized approach to construction, focusing on the creation of well-designed apartments that cater to the evolving needs of our residents.


We develop enduring relationships with our community, earning their trust through integrity and reliability.


We are dedicated to making quality housing accessible, ensuring that affordability is a cornerstone of our offerings.


We prioritize the convenience of our residents, streamlining processes and services to enhance their overall living experience.


We create spaces that go beyond shelter, focusing on the well-being of our residents by prioritizing comfort in every aspect of our housing solutions.


In embodying our professionalism, we are dedicated to proactively engaging with societal issues, shaping homes infused with an authentic touch of innovative thinking. A truly innovative brand not only identifies but also empathizes with the fundamental challenges within society. It then endeavors to provide trustworthy and enduring solutions that contribute to an enhanced living environment. Jenboro, in response to the community's fervent aspirations, strategically identifies accessible areas along city lines. In doing so, we simplify the societal challenges associated with finding the ideal space for creating a home—one that facilitates family growth without compromising on proximity or affordability. Our overarching goal is to create homes that mirror the distinctive qualities and authentic preferences of our clients. This approach ensures that our offerings provide a comfortable and secure living experience, aligning seamlessly with the unique tastes and desires of those we serve.

Beharu Bireda

Managing Director


Suitable Locations

As part of our market-entry strategy, we prioritize homes situated in convenient and accessible locations.

Affordable Options

Our extensive selection of apartments ensures that prospective homeowners have ample choices to suit their preferences and budgets.

Comfortable Lifestyle

Our residences are meticulously designed to meet high standards, ensuring a cozy and comfortable living experience for our residents.

Account Operations

We maintain transparency in our operations by offering site visits and openly discussing our work methodologies, demonstrating our commitment to accountability and integrity.

Timely Delivery

We pride ourselves on delivering apartments punctually, ensuring they are ready for occupancy as promised.

Prime Locations

Our focus is on delivering buildings located in prime areas near key landmarks and amenities within the city, enhancing convenience and accessibility for our residents.

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Having been founded in 2020G.C., Jenboro has grown to have acquired 6 construction sites. Our apartments are only 4 kilometers away from the city's downtown area and provide people with fair pricing. The company strives to create residences where people don't have to sacrifice proximity for affordability.

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