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Girmachew Demesse


Partnering with Jenboro give us the opportunity to deliver modernized homes. Working in an institution that truly values the interests of its customers has influenced me in a way to respect the time and interests of our clients. The design incorporated into the buildings has helped us achieve the best result in a reasonable amount of time for a fair and affordable price with extraordinary quality.

Seble Mekonnen


A true partner for future homeowners’ My family and I have always wished for a more secure and modern home close to where I work, so I don’t have to waste much time on the road and can spend quality time with my family. The experience with Jenboro made the home-owning process much more affordable and enjoyable. From the respect they had for our choice to incorporating our personal touch and their punctuality, it was a truly phenomenal experience.

Markos Melesse


Jenboro keeps a sharp focus on what the clients truly desire. Finding a place to call home in the city is a true hustle. Yet, finding a true partner like Jenboro that keeps their promise and delivers based on your interests was a true privilege to be a part of. I believe their professionalism and their expertise in the field put them at the top of the list for a place where you will find a functional and well-protected environment that you can truly call home. ”.

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Having been founded in 2020G.C., Jenboro has grown to have acquired 6 construction sites. Our apartments are only 4 kilometers away from the city's downtown area and provide people with fair pricing. The company strives to create residences where people don't have to sacrifice proximity for affordability.

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